Thursday, March 17, 2005

Face the horror of the reality that you've created

That’s me, a marine, a murderer of civilians’
“I was a sergeant with the Third Marine Battalion during the invasion, in the spring of 2003.”“We killed more than 30 people. That was the first time that I had to face up to the horror that my hands were soiled with the blood of civilians. We laid down cluster bombs on them. - “We ended up massacring innocent civilians – men, women, and children."

U.S. Marines Engaged in Mock Executions of Iraqi Juveniles

The documents the ACLU released today, describe substantiated incidents of torture and abuse by U.S. Marines, including:

holding a pistol to the back of a detainee’s head while another Marine took a picture (Karbala, May 2003)

ordering four Iraqi juveniles to kneel while a pistol was "discharged to conduct a mock execution" (Adiwaniyah, June 2003)

severely burning a detainee’s hands by covering them in alcohol and igniting them (Al Mumudiyah, August 2003), and shocking a detainee with an electric transformer, causing the detainee to "dance" as he was shocked (Al Mumudiyah, April 2004).

Monday, March 07, 2005

Cluster bombs liberate Iraqi children

THE ROVING EYE By Pepe Escobar

AMMAN - The horror. The horror. And unlike Apocalypse Now, there are real, not fictional images to prove it. But they won't be seen in Western homes. The new heart of darkness has emerged in the turbulent history of Mesopotamia via the Hilla massacre. After uninterrupted, furious American bombing on Monday night and Tuesday morning, as of Wednesday night there were at least 61 dead Iraqi civilians and more than 450 seriously injured in the region of Hilla, 80 kilometers south of Baghdad. Most are children: 60 percent of Iraq's population of roughly 24 million are children.