Thursday, March 17, 2005

Face the horror of the reality that you've created

That’s me, a marine, a murderer of civilians’
“I was a sergeant with the Third Marine Battalion during the invasion, in the spring of 2003.”“We killed more than 30 people. That was the first time that I had to face up to the horror that my hands were soiled with the blood of civilians. We laid down cluster bombs on them. - “We ended up massacring innocent civilians – men, women, and children."

U.S. Marines Engaged in Mock Executions of Iraqi Juveniles

The documents the ACLU released today, describe substantiated incidents of torture and abuse by U.S. Marines, including:

holding a pistol to the back of a detainee’s head while another Marine took a picture (Karbala, May 2003)

ordering four Iraqi juveniles to kneel while a pistol was "discharged to conduct a mock execution" (Adiwaniyah, June 2003)

severely burning a detainee’s hands by covering them in alcohol and igniting them (Al Mumudiyah, August 2003), and shocking a detainee with an electric transformer, causing the detainee to "dance" as he was shocked (Al Mumudiyah, April 2004).


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